Volunteer in Focus: Roisin Ryan-Self

Volunteer in Focus: Roisin Ryan-Self
June 8, 2019 Roisin Ryan-Self
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I was a member of the team that originally developed the branding and website for St Peter’s with Mackman. Having supported the team at St Peter’s in writing their website content and PR in my spare time, plus going along and helping at events, I was invited to become Communications Officer – following in the footsteps of Alli Burke who is now Development Officer with The Churches Conservation Trust.

From keeping the website up to date, helping out with promotion and social media – my role can be very varied but rewarding! I was recently awarded ‘Young Volunteer of the Year’ at The Churches Conservation Trust’s national volunteering day and awards, and it was such a honour to have been nominated by my fellow volunteers!

What made you decide to get involved with St Peter’s?

I absolutely love going to gigs, so it all started with becoming a member of the events team and helping out at events. I was fairly new to the area, so being able to get out and about, meet new people and learn more about the area made me really feel like I was contributing to the community – it was a no-brainer to get more involved over time.


What’s the best thing about it?

The best thing about being involved in St Peter’s is seeing how much of a difference you can make at such a pivotal point for the building. St Peter’s is run by volunteers, so every person is valued – no matter what sort of skills or strengths you have.

What would you say to someone who’d like to get involved?

There’s so many opportunities here – you can effectively create a role that suits your lifestyle and interests. I’d say go for it, get in contact or come along to a gig to have a snoop at what goes on, we’re a friendly, supportive bunch, so we’re always happy to chat about how you can help (or how we can help you!).

What is your favourite fact about St Peter’s?

I learn something new every day! I really love looking at the letter that Sir John Betjeman CBE (poet, broadcaster and the first Chair of The Friends of St Peter’s) sent when he heard about the church bells at St Peter’s being saved – “Silent church towers are hearts which do not beat […]” plus the “Hurrah!” at the end…

St Peter's - Sir John Betjeman

If you’re interested I would definitely recommend reading our Heritage Officer Roger Green’s detailed history packs, here.