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Temporary Closure of St Peter’s

Temporary Closure of St Peter’s
September 12, 2021 Allison Burke
In Regeneration Project

St Peter’s has now temporarily closed it’s doors in order that exciting major repair and refurbishments can take place!

To keep up to date on how the project progresses please sign up  for our new newsletter by emailing our local Development Officer, Alli Burke, on aburke@thecct.org.uk .  This is the best way to keep up to date with what’s happening, how to be involved and learn all about our events and activities for the public during the closure period and in the future.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions and learn more about the project.

Huge gratitude goes to The Friends of St Peter’s for historically being the local guardians of the church and who’s impact in keeping St Peter’s available to the community has been very significant.  We’re delighted that they have agreed to continue to be an important part of St Peter’s future as the local fundraising partner for St Peter’s; an area that will be crucial on an ongoing basis.

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