Self Guided Medieval Church Trail

This year’s theme for Heritage Open Days is Hidden Nature and where better to find that in urban spaces than in churchyards!  The most overlooked piece of nature in our churchyards are LICHENS! Often people think that this is something that should be cleaned off of headstones, but lichens are living things.  Not plants, not animal, but “…bizarre, barely understood mixed organisms in a mutual co-operation: half fungus, half alga”  and churchyards are really important in their conservation.

The Churches Conservation Trust have put together a fab learning activity sheet for those with children, or indeed for any budding artists!  Download from this link >

Q. How do you prounounce Lichen?  A: Ly-ken

David Wright / Lichen on Tombstone, St. John’s, Croxton

In order to make it easy for you to find some of our churchyards, and to take in the three magnificent medieval churches in Sudbury, we’ve put together this handy little 2km accessible trail map for you to enjoy.  Starting right in the middle of town, crowning Market Hill, start the walk at St Peter’s, then head along Gaol Lane to St Gregory’s, take in the beautiful views of the Water Meadows as you head to All Saints where outside in the churchyard you can look to find the Gainsborough family tombs.  Finish off back at St Peter’s, having admired some of our wonderful heritage buildings along the way!

To follow the route on your mobile, simply use the Google map below.  If you prefer to print up a paper version, you can do so by clicking on this link.

Happy trails!