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Musical Fun Activity

Musical Fun Activity
March 28, 2020 Allison Burke
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We’re really missing seeing you all and hope you’re all safe. Here we’re busily squirrelling away working hard (from home) on getting our bid into the National Lottery Heritage Fund so we can make St Peter’s an even more important part of Sudbury’s life. We don’t want you to forget us so until you can come and visit again we’re looking at ways to help while away the time until we’re able to open the doors again!

 MUSIC has always played such a huge part of St Peter’s (very long) life so we thought we’d put together some playlists that you might find interesting. Starting with Prokofiev’s Peter & The Wolf! This is a great introduction for kids to the instruments of the orchestra. And for the grown ups, David Bowie narrates the fairytale ⚡️ Take a listen and maybe try to draw the characters in the story. We’d love to see your pictures to share on our Instagram feed! Can we talk Sudbury Symphony Orchestra into performing this when they are back?!

You need Spotify to listen to this, but there is a free version available. Click the link to listen 


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