St Peter’s Church is no longer a place of  worship, but it remains open for public viewing and is regularly used for events of all kinds. The venue is available to hire.

On 29th May 1976 the building was vested to the Churches Conservation Trust.

In the same year the Friends of St Peter’s, Sudbury was formed with the aim of keeping the building open, in good order and enabling its use for the benefit of the community.

The Friends of St Peter’s is registered as a Charity, No. 271090.

The Regeneration Project at St Peter’s

We believe that St Peter’s is starting to look a little tired and we are seeking to ensure that it remains, for the future, at the heart of our town. This will involve many repairs to the fabric of the building, including major work on the roof and clerestory; but it will also affect some changes within the building with plans that include the installation of a mezzanine gallery and toilets, among other things.  These exciting plans are at an early stage at present and we are working hard with the Churches Conservation Trust regeneration team to breathe new life into St Peter’s.
What you think matters and we will be actively seeking your input locally in the very near future.

 Visitor Information

ST PETER’S WALKABOUT   is a brief walk through downloadable PDF guide; more detail can be found on the Heritage page . There is also a 16 minute audio file that you can listen to on your phone or other portable devices.  Click to play, below:


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